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Oct 5, 2012

Retrotaku: credits by The Other Days

Hi chiplovers!

Do you know Retrotaku? It is a French-speaking retrogaming portal, most reputed among French nostalgic gamers.

They just started a monthly broadcast about retrogaming and guess what?
They hired us to do the soundtrack of the credits! Oh yeah!

And boy, that was an adventure.
We started it all from scratch with an early version of the credits. This preview was mute and incomplete, merely a work-in-progress.

Then unlike free composing, we realized this job was crippled with constraints. Like:

- find a theme that matches the passion of retrogaming (not that hard, since the gameboy is our tool and gameboy IS retro)
- give voice to visual FX and animation, including games teasers on TV
- keep everything in sync and in the mix
- do it all in 25 seconds!

Also, It was the first time we couldn't do everything by our rules. Instead, we had to constantly adapt to evolving requirements and directives of the Retrotaku team.

So needless to say, It was a nice challenge for us! In the end we just loved doing it and we're kind of proud of the result!

But let's stop talking.  You can see what it looks like just below. This is an advanced WIP version of ours, with a bit of voice synthesis:

(Yes, audio is a bit late on Youtube for some reason. This is a pity as we took extreme care of making all SFX in sync with pictures)

And here the final result from the very first edition of Retrotaku show (in french):

Not bad, isn't it? Especially the NG:DEV.team, an independant NeoGeo development studio :)

Oh, one more thing: this was also broadcasted live on lmtv.fr, a French local terrestrial TV channel. So cool!

Again, many thanks to Retrotaku for choosing us.  We really enjoyed their collaboration and we're just super eager for more! We also hope this new show will meet the success it deserves!

Cheers and keep listening, more news pretty soon! :)

The Other Days

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