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Two guys from Paris.
Fond of vintage synths and computers,
video games music and 8-bit culture.
We make chiptune on the hardware we love:
Nintendo Game Boy, Sega Megadrive/Genesis, Commodore 64.
We compose and record them from the real stuff, plain and pure,
just for your ears.
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Jan 18, 2014

Our first live concert abroad!

...And it was on saturday 10th of january 2014!

Our friend Ultrasyd was very kind to find a slot for us at Eindbaas pre-party in Utrech (NL) !

It was an open stage, so each guest had to play for 15mn max. So we did a short set but the hell, it was great!
We saw cool people too: RoccoW, Bart, Kenobit, 8GB, Ultrasyd ...   Eindbaas is definitely the place for chiptuners and micromusicians worldwide!

By the way, we recorded the set, just listen to it below :)

The Other Days

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