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Two guys from Paris.
Fond of vintage synths and computers,
video games music and 8-bit culture.
We make chiptune on the hardware we love:
Nintendo Game Boy, Sega Megadrive/Genesis, Commodore 64.
We compose and record them from the real stuff, plain and pure,
just for your ears.
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Nov 11, 2013

At last! The chase is over!

Finally, it's here!

Introducing The Chase: our first multichip-tune! See gear list below.

 This is a cover from the music of the same name by Giorgio Moroder, 1978.
This song is featured in Coucou Netlabel's 70's Chiptune Compilation, see right here: www.coucounetlabel.com/release/70%E2…ion-coucou027

Coucou indeed needed some time to release this compilation properly (22 tracks!)... but hey, it was worth the wait, isn't it?

Enjoy and check our other releases at theotherdays.net!

PS:  the gear list for the tech addicts:


  * Bassline:
  - Megadrive FMDrive VST plugin (our teensy GenMDM fried in the process and we didn't have time to wait for a replacement! :( )
  - Game Boy DMG-01 w/ pro-sound mod
  * Leads, synths, chords:
  - Commodore C64 breadbin w/ sid 6581
  * Drums:
  - Commodore C64 II with w/ sid 8580
  - same DMG-01 as bassline

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