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Aug 12, 2012

Infoticaires 2012: here we were!

Hey fellow chiplovers!

Last weekend we went to the so-called "Infoticaires"!
Boy, now that was great! 
But what are the "Infoticaires", you may ask?
Well, something halfway between a retrogaming convention and a bargain sale. It happens every year in Courcelles, a godforsakenplace in the deep French countryside.  Number of attendants is strongly limited so we've been lucky to be allowed there!

We spread the word about The Other Days: our songs, our current and future projects. People gave a very warm reception both to us and our demos. It was also a pleasure to talk with them, showing them some LSDJ basics and our tentacular setup... We certainly won the "spaghettiest-wired stand" contest! -- see below! ;-)

For the eyes we brought:
  •  a supergunned MVS slot with its 161-in-1 cart
  •  a retroduo console (monolithic NES + SNES clone).
  • an analog video mixer with realtime processing effects like chroma shifting and blending between two sources
Both systems are connected to the video mixer (on the right), so we can crossfade between them. We didn't have room to bring a TV so we plugged the mixer's s-video output to a VGA box, and sent its output to a 17" VGA LCD.       
For the ears:
  • A 4 stereo tracks mixer
  •  The retroduo runs a Super Gameboy cart
  • The SGB cart hosts a GB flash cart wichi runs LSDJ playing our songs on it
  • Of course, an amplifier (Sonic Impact T-AMP, rounded box in the back)
  •  Two small speakers, duh ! :)

It was also the perfect time for retrogaming frenzy : Street Fighter 2 Turbo (SNES), Tempest 2000 (Jaguar). Not to mention the cool dudes coding fun stuff on even more exotic hardware like colecovision, excelvision and pocket calculators.

Of course, the feast wouldn't be complete without vintage shopping at the bargain sale corner, our fellow dude Oliv' truly made his day... I mean, just look at this! Christmas happened in July this year ;-)


Also see the other pics to get the grasp of the mood: booze, bbq and games (french only, sorry), a taste of retro paradise!
We so NEED to be part of it next year!
Many thanks to the people from silicium.org, obsolete-tears.com, retro-gc.org, and those who organized this memorable event!

Well, that's it for now! Stay tuned for more fresh stuff this summer!

The Other Days

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